KewlFlow™ Circulatory Cooling Vest with Portable Backpack

This KewlFlow™ Personal Cooling System is a self-contained highly portable cooling system that utilizes a lightweight vest through which ice-chilled water is circulated  for efficient cooling.

6429 Blue 75 dpi.jpg6430 Back Pack 75 dpi.jpg

•  Backpack serves as a source of chilled water for circulation through the
    KewlFlow™ Cooling Vest and the Backpack has a 2,84 kilograms insulated
    reservoir that doubles as a hydration pack
•  Fits easily under a T-Shirt, Jacket or Leathers, providing cooling comfort in a
    wide variety  of activities while allowing maximum mobility
•  A high efficiency battery-powered pump circulates water & ice through the
   network of 1.25 meters of micro tubing that runs throughout the vest
•  Creates a personal cool ‘microclimate’ for up to four hours around the upper
•  Six size-adjustable  elastic straps provide a custom fit for a large range  of chest
    & waist sizes, allowing full range of motion
•  Backpack has fully adjustable shoulder, waist and sternum straps with
   quick-snap buckle closures
•  Powered by 10 NiMH rechargeable or eight alkaline (single use) AA cells in a
   quick-change Power Pack for up to eight hours of continuous pump operation
   per charge