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the world's leading manufacturer of
Cooling & Heating Apparel

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TechNiche designs and manufactures innovative climate control solutions for people working or recreating in uncomfortable temperatures. Our extensive product line includes specialized vests, head and neckwear, misting fans, and other items designed exclusively for your comfort.

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We are the only manufacturer who develop, manfacture and sell Evaporative Cooling, Phase Change Cooling, Circulatory Cooling, Air Activated Heating and Battery Powered Heating products. We are your complete source for climate control products.

To find out more about our technologies, products & aplications, please check out our menu on the left. If you do not find exactly what you need, please contact us directly. We will try to design and manufacture a product that meets your specific needs.
We invite you to check us out. Then get back to the heat or the cold in comfort.

It's COOL to be HOT - It's HOT to be COOL!